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Critical Acclaim - Childless

Brian J. Gail takes his readers into the world and Church of the not-too-distant future where Satan is poised to lead astray even the faithful. Childless is not only an enthralling novel, it is a message of hope and renewal. What a beautiful conclusion to Gail’s American trilogy.

Michael J. Sheridan, S.Th.D
Bishop of Colorado Springs

This powerfully prophetic work was no doubt what Blessed John Paul II envisioned when he summoned a new evangelization characterized by ‘new methods, new explanations, new ardor.’ In recapturing the lost tradition of the Catholic novel, Brian J. Gail has quite imaginatively found a way to pour new wine into old wineskins.

Father Benedict J. Groeschel, CFR

Brian J. Gail has accomplished what my generation has been waiting years for someone to do: write a modern day, page turning, landmark work of fiction with Catholic sensibilities. With Childless, he brings his epic 21st- century trilogy to conclusion in a manner befitting one of our greatest storytellers.

Greg Willits
Co-Host of “The Catholics Next Door” on Sirius Radio

In Childless, Brian J. Gail unveils the utopian vision of the Life Science Revolution and reveals its dystopian reality. This novel is nothing less than our generation’s Brave New World. It is a truly transcendent conclusion to what I’m afraid will prove to be an eerily prophetic American trilogy.

Tim Drake
Senior Writer, National Catholic Register/EWTN

A supernatural apocalyptic thriller . . . filled with fidelity and betrayal, tribulation and deliverance, and the redemptive prophetic imagery of Isaiah and John . . . a thrilling climax to a blockbuster trilogy that will drive you to your knees in prayer.

Al Kresta
Host, Kresta in the Afternoon; CEO, Ave Maria Radio

Eye opening, gripping and prophetic . . . Catholic apocalyptic literature that remains faithful to the early Church father’s vision of the end times . . . a necessary wake-up call with an overwhelming message of hope for our time.

Mark Mallet
Author, The Final Confrontation; Host, Embracing Hope TV

Brian Gail hit the mark in revealing for us the consequences of the seductive “apple” that contemporary man has all too eagerly consumed—the birth control pill . . . Childless grips the reader to the final chapter in the all too probable reality of where such bizarre twists of human actions will lead mankind.

Jan R. Hemstad, MD
President, Catholic Medical Association

This climax to Brian Gail’s masterful trilogy forces us to face the frightening facts that over the last generation, the core of humankind, the family unit, has been systematically attacked and in many cases broken apart. Consequently, this has put humankind on a fast-track to destruction; one that perhaps can only be halted by Divine intervention.

Gail Buckley
Founder of Catholic Scripture Study

Childless is a spellbinding and impactful conclusion to the powerful trilogy . . . a novel which not only engages the reader but calls to one’s conscience in a powerful way.

Dan Spencer
Executive Director of the National Fellowship of Catholic Men